First 4 months of 2017 are hottest on record


Record flooding in Guangzhou

Record rainfall in San Diego

The wettest place in the UK is bone dry

Heatwave brings record melting to the Sierra snowpack

11 dead as severe storms rock US

Is global warming a crime against humanity?

Scientists link record breaking weather events to global warming

March 2017 was second hottest on record globally

Portland breaks 41 year old heat record

Record heat in Boston

“Disaster” at Barrier Reef says scientist


Record flooding in New Zealand

Flooding pain in South America

As Cyclone Debbie strikes, expect fewer / stronger storms

Trump to rollback global warming regulations

Record Oklahoma wildfires

Hong Kong Observatory: Climate change is here

Chicago breaks 78 year old heat record

Sea level rises off China’s coast

Scientists: We are in “unchartered territory”

Phoenix breaks three heat records in a row

The link between a warming climate and more snow

February 2017 was second warmest February on record

A flood victim shares the stressful impact of global warming

1000km of mangrove forests die out in Australia

Another year, another mass bleaching event at the Great Barrier Reef

Record heat, huge drought and strong storm in Australia

Australia’s summer broke 205 weather records

Europeans fret over impact climate change is already having

246 die in record breaking Zimbabwe rain

6 dead in intense wildfires across 3 US states

Record heat in Antarctica

Global oil giant Shell issued climate change warning in 1991

Oxford University professor: “Normal weather a thing of the past”

Incredible number of record highs compared to record lows in the US in February 2017

California’s rainy season for the record books

Record heat in West Michigan

Canada’s melting glaciers and ice caps are major contributor to sea level rise

Severe drought in Mexico raises fears for 7000 farmers; water rationing begins

Australia’s new normal?

California’s crazy rain and winter weather bomb

Seattle has 3 times more rain in February than normal and it is only the 15th


IT IS OFFICIAL: 2016 is the hottest year on record – following 2015 and 2014

San Antonio, Texas breaks 95 year old heat record

Heat records tumble in Queensland

February heat records smashed in New South Wales

Record rains in Western Australia

January 2017 was warmest January in Hong Kong since records began

Extreme weather in Spain wreaks havoc for UK’s supermarkets

Sydney breaks a summer heat record and equals another

Record damage costs from 2016 US flooding

Huge wildfires in Chile after record drought and temperatures

Wood burning stoves help London’s pollution climb to unhealthy levels

Powerful California storm sets new rainfall records

On the frontline of climate change: Bangladesh fishing villages

Athens breaks 1932 January heat record

REAL FEEL: Vast majority of regional and rural Australians already experiencing climate change

Record drought in Bolivia

Central Park breaks 1890 temperature record

The emotional toil of reporting on climate change

Worst rainfall in over 30 years hits southern Thailand as Prime Minister cites climate change

China’s neverending pollution crisis

8 dead in heavy Thai flooding

Australia’s extreme weather in 2016

Ocean data suggests global warming ‘pause’ is a myth

Alaska shatters warmest year record

10 global warming stories from 2016

Baton Rouge’s record year of rain (and some unusual tornadoes)

Record year of heat in Athens

Miami winter feeling like summer

Tens of millions of trees destroyed by drought in US in 2016

2016 to be hottest year on record

12 broken records in Hong Kong in 2016

24 extreme weather events linked to climate change in 2015

Huge annual jump in CO2 levels

Historic flooding in Louisiana

Record hot night in Melbourne

Los Angeles’ hottest ever February

Record after record in Pheonix

February 2016 was most unusually warm month on record

Worst drought in 900 years in Eastern Mediterannean